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The Courtney Fate Engineering Scholarship


The endowment has been fulfilled as of May 2015!!!
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Courtney’s Story

In the fall of 2008 Courtney Fate was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of colon cancer in the 4th stage. Through the next 18 months she went through multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, radiology, etc. and still managed to graduate with her Industrial Engineering degree and acquire a job working for Honeywell Aerospace. In late January, 2010 (only 15 days after her 24th birthday) she lost her courageous battle with cancer and passed away peacefully at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, AZ surrounded by her family and friends. Courtney will always be loved, will always be missed and her memory will never be forgotten.

The Endowment

Courtney loved Purdue and so we have decided that a scholarship in her name at the very school she loved would be a wonderful way to honor her. We have 5 years to raise $25,000 for the endowment (at least $5,000 a year). Once the endowment reaches $25,000 the interest earned on it will be used to give a $1,000 dollar scholarship every year. We will continue to grow the endowment past the $25,000 so as to increase it’s scholarship capabilities! To kick off the scholarship now before the endowment is fulfilled we will be giving a $1,000 scholarship this year! The scholarship will be awarded to one female student in the College of Engineering at Purdue University every year. We hope that this will help spread Courtney’s story and her zest for life.

The Establishers (in no particular order)
Janice Wendt
Judith Hollis
Eric Hammond
Matthew Dudeck
Nicole Moorhead